09 June 2015

Review Review Review

In yesterday's Monday Musings post I mentioned that I had started to review my older files.  I also noted that I had placed the date of the last review on my folders, and that the date was 1998.

Quite a time lapse eh?

EVERY SINGLE FILE is being gone thru.  Here's what I have (and am modifying).

In my desk drawer I have the main lines that are being worked on.  There are about 45 or so of these files.  They are stored in a deep file drawer on my right side about knee height.  Very accessible for when I want to check on current stuff.   In the lateral file cabinets are files for every surname on my pedigree chart, plus some smaller ones that are of interest.  Mainly names that had many of that line intermarry with my lines. 

The ones in the lateral files are the ones that I am now going thru file by file.  Most of which have not been reviewed since 1998.  So far I've found some interesting stuff.  Stuff that didn't fit then but, as I found out, fits now. 

  • Death record for Frederick Appla who died in 1893.  He is Mark's GGgrandfather.  Funny I had just noted on my master to do list that I needed that item.  Not any more! 
  • Passenger list for Henry Reusch & family.  I have it recorded in my file, but no scanned image.  Score! Image found with out going back and searching again.  And as a bonus it has the FULL source citation on the back.  
  • Land deed between Frederick Appla & Gotlieb Appla, his brother, selling land he inherited from his parents!  Score!  This is the one item I have connecting them to the parents, Jacob & Dorthea.  Again, I had noted that the deed had been found but did not have all the details.  At the time it didn't fit....  IT DOES NOW!  
I'm sure that as I delve into other family files I'll find more that didn't fit then but it will NOW.

What's hiding in YOUR files?

Happy Researching!


08 June 2015

Monday Musings

Back from NGS, Back from Canada.  Office is still not back together. But I did take two boxes of files to work on in Canada while Mr Brown Eyes was working.  Didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but every little bit helps. 

One thing is for sure, that old adage about review, review, review, sure is true. 

Last year I went thru my other files and got them all in my computer.  This year is all the older stuff, most of which has not been out of the file cabinet since 1998.  How do I know 1998?  Last time I reviewed these files I dated the folders so I could keep tabs.  It's definitely been TOO long for sure!

I've finally gone ahead and made the big switch - I moved from Legacy, which I really loved, into Reunion.  I've been on a Mac now for about 3 years, but I figured I would see if I could get some help and make Reunion work.  With some awesome help from a Facebook Reunion users group I managed to make enough changes in the Gedcom import to make the transition MUCH smoother than the last time I tried. 

I still have things to "fix" but nothing like I did when I tried many moons ago.  So things are moving right along.  The neat thing is that all but 106 of my images (links) worked!  I managed to get that corrected and now all 8,000+ images are showing!  That in its self is awesome!

Lastly,  if you see ads in this blog, particularly below this blog entry, they are not of my choosing. Blogger has decided to insert ads, so please just ignore the ads.  I have no control over them or the content in them.  If it were up to me, they would be GONE.... 

Happy Researching!

19 May 2015

Who Thought Painting An Office Would Be So Much Work?

I knew it would be a big job, I guess I just never thought how BIG the job was.   I was so excited when we moved into this house.  Finally, after raising our two kids and then marrying them off... (LOL), we got our dream house.  I actually could have a room of my own for my genealogy.

Well, its been almost 8 years and somehow time slipped away.  I was so thrilled to have my own space.  I could leave my research books on the desk,  my very own desk, and not have to pick them up so we could have dinner or tax clients could be assisted.  The problem is, who wants to take time out from researching to paint? 

Several weeks ago, Mr. Brown Eyes announced that I was going to NGS for the national genealogy conference.  I'd been wanting to go for many years but the timing just wasn't right.  Well this year, I did go.  While I was gone he had my office painted.  It's absolutely beautiful.  I chose the color and left the paint chip for my painter.  It has blown me away.  WOWSERS!

The only problem is, everything but the desk had to leave.  Even the two lateral filing cabinets.  Which means that all the files had to COME OUT so they could be moved.  Well the paint job is beautiful (Dan the painter ROCKS!)...  but now that I am home I get to put it all back together. 

So I'm going to blog, not about paint or putting offices back together, but about my genealogy.  Won't promise its going to be exciting or anything, but I'll try to get some genealogy up here in the next day or so.

So EVERYTHING is back in the office,  alot of it in boxes, some of it is back but NOT going back in the cabinets - I want to go thru all those files and make sure all is scanned & typed.  So another project is under way.   One day maybe I'll get it all done the way I want it.  Until then I'll just keep plugging away. 

Happy Researching