23 October 2014

22 October 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Zehring & Gebhart

 *Golden Wedding

  Fifty years ago, October 22, 1863, Lewis H. Zehring and Miss Elizabeth Gebhart, daughter of Emanuel Gebhart, were united in marriage by Rev. C. Albrecht.  For a half century they have resided in Miamisburg, excepting a brief period, when they resided in the country near town.

  Squire Zehring is one of the best known men in the county, and has always been active in the life of the community.  For over thirty years he served as justice of the peace, and for over forty years has been a notary public.  He served three years as county commissioner.  He is still a director in the Mutal Building Association, in which he was secretary.  For ten years he was mayor of Miamisburg, and is now a member of the Board of Education, and a cemetery trustee.  Industrious, genial and faithful, Squire Zehring counts his friends by hundreds, and though past three score and ten, is still a young man in thought and action.

  Handsome invitations have been issued to many friends for a reception at the Zehring home on Linden Avenue this afternoon and evening, when an opportunity will be afforded to extend congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple, who have enjoyed fifty years of life in unbroken wedlock.

  Their two daughters, Dr. Blanche Zehring of Wells College New York, and Mrs. Laura Zehring Dosch of Elizabeth, N. J., are both at home visiting with their parents for the happy anniversary.

*Miamisburg (Ohio) News, Thursday, 23 OCT 1913, Front Page

20 October 2014

Monday Musings

Here we are yet another Monday!  It was a busy weekend here.  We drove about two hours or so north of here and went to the Bala (Canada) Cranberry festival.  It was all about the tasty cranberry! And they did indeed have it all.  One of the highlights of the Cranberry Festival was seeing the Canadian Golden Helmets perform.  The Golden Helmets is a precision motorcycle group made up of officers from different towns here in the province of Ontario.  You can read more on them and see a pic here.  Be sure to click on the photo, they are a fine looking group.  They did a great job and we totally enjoyed watching them.  We brought some cranberries, so I'll be putting those to good use. 

Mr. Brown Eyes did a bunch of census work on Sunday.  He enjoys doing that and I'm not going to argue with him.  I love the thrill of the hunt, chasing our ancestors down but truthfully typing in the census stuff just bores me tears.  Somehow after talking to others who do genealogy I'm not alone.  I love finding them, learning what they offer up in the census but somehow I just can't get into that typing stuff on it the way MBE can.  Thankfully he enjoys it and doesn't mind.

Today, after the small amount of housework is done I'm hoping to get some more images cropped, named & linked.  I've figured out how to do editing in iPhoto.  I must say I love it!  It's simple and does the job without tons of techincal difficulty. 

Speaking this Friday night at the Brighton District Library (Michigan).  So we are going back to the states for a few days.  Will be good to hopefully see the grandkids, family & friends.  How much can we squeeze into a weekend?  Dunno but going to find out eh?

Happy Researching!