17 April 2009


Wow! I can't believe it! ME! Joining the bloggers of the world... Welcome to my blog! My blog is all about genealogy - my passion.

My blog will be about things I've discovered, challenges in my research, trips we take just for genealogy, my prep for the trips, just plain ole genealogy!

I'm not a rocket scientist but I am passionate about what I do and I love to do genealogy! So stop by anytime, grab a tall glass of sweet tea and sit a spell. We can chat about genealogy - I may even sneak a couple of lines in about my three grandsons or my husband Mark! My research mainly focuses on research in the following states: GA, KY, NC, SC, VA, TN, IN, NJ, MD, WV & OH.

I'm working right now on some research trip to do lists... I'm going to be researching in Ft Wayne at their awesome library on May 12th, then Mark & I will be off an a neat genealogy adventure on May 22-23 to Elkhart County, Indiana where some of the Boomershine family migrated to after leaving Montgomery County, Ohio. Neat thing about going to Elkhart is I recently discovered that they have an obituary index online. WOWSERS! http://www.elkhart.lib.in.us/cgi-bin/index5.pl?&file=genealogy.html Going to make this trip a big success already. After leaving Elkhart we'll be headed down to see my sister for a bit then to Nashville to the Archives & library to research there for four days.

The main surnames I'll be researching on this trip will be Boomershine, Hurst, Ligon & Phillips. I'll be blogging a bit along the way so stay tuned. So for now I'm off to work some more on the to do list.



GrannyPam said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Karen. Have you checked the probate index for Elkhart, which is on-line? We were very successful in the archives a few years ago, getting an entire estate which named all the children fo Bill's g-grandfather's first marriage. That was all new information to us, and a big breakthrough. find it here: http://xrl.in/217q . Good luck on your trips!

Karen said...

Thanks Pam! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for looking in!

Daniel Horowitz said...

Congratulations Karen !!!!!

I really hope you can pursuit and archive all your genealogy goals.

Please send me your email address to keep you posted in all new features MyHeritage.com is developing. We have cool FREE tools for genealogy research. Check it out!!!

Best regards
Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy and Translation Manager

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