29 May 2009

Friends - Genealogy Style

Some picture eh? Those are my friends the wild ones, the four of us have been friends for quite some time. This photo is from Christmas 2005. We try to get together a couple of times a year with the manly halves for food & laughs and of course some genealogy chatter.

Yesterday while we were on our way out of the state of Tennessee we stopped in for a leisurley friendly breakfast/brunch with Anne & her husband, Mr. B. Anne & Mr. B moved from Livonia to Cookeville a few years ago. It was good to sit and chat - although I'm not sure how much the waitress appreciated our "chatting" away at her table. It was good to see them. Studmuffin & Mr. B tried to solve all the worlds financial problems, while Anne & I talked kids, houses and of course some genealogy issues. Anne's a blogger too, and you can read her blog
Generational. It was good to see them again!

The great thing about all those "friends" in that picture you see at the top of this blog, we're not only friends, but we've all found links to each other's genealogy! Yep, some of us are not only friends but we're related! That lady with her elbow in front of my face, Carol is a Kesler cousin and another fellow blogger over at
Reflections From The Fence.

Anne, with whom we had breakfast/brunch yesterday is a Ligon cousin to studmuffin, and Diane who is shown in the lower lefthand corner of that photo, has a connection to Studmuffin thru his step grandfather's Trott line. Anne & I both have the Early family but have not yet found a direct connection between the two.

Our friend Lis, who I volunteer with at the DSGR, is also connected to Studmuffin thru his Ligon line.

Seems like no matter what you do, if you research enough you're bound find cousins, sometimes in the most least suspected places... like your friends...


Carol said...

Goodness, was that the best photo you could find of us?? err, of MOI??? Groaning from the fence!!

Carol said...

Oh, and Anne and MOI, are cousins via the Riddle/Ruddle lines!

TennLady said...

Yeah. Scary.