15 May 2009

Genealogy In Dearborn

Many people, at least here in the metro Detroit area, hear the words Dearborn and immediately think of Henry Ford & Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford & Ford Motor have in the past & continue today to be major role players in the history & formation of Dearborn.

Last night at the monthly meeting of the Ford Genealogy Club we were introduced to a local "gem". Our speaker was from the Dearborn Historical Museum . The holdings of this museum, which is open daily to the public are a gold mine of information to the researcher who may have ties to Dearborn & its past.

With everything from Census to Sanborn Fire maps, cemetery records, family histories and more this museum is truly a researchers dream.

When my friend & Co-author Diane Oslund & I were researching the persons buried in the Ford Family Cemetery we used the facilities of the Dearborn Historical Museum. We found the staff cooperative and very helpful.

The museum is locaed in the McFadden Ross house at 915 Brady Street, Dearborn. Along with all the research materials available they also have a large collection of historical artfacts and materials that may be of interest. Stop by for a visit, I'm sure the staff would love to lend a hand.

Another item of interest was a seminar being hosted by the Washtenaw Community College on Friday, June 12, 9- Noon. The seminar entitled "Tracing Your Roots" features one of my friends and a great genealogical speaker, Kris Rzepczynski from the library of Michigan. More information on this seminar can be gotten by contacting Irosser@wccnet.edu

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