22 May 2009

On the road again....

Yep, we sure are! We're headed out to do some more genealogy on the road.

Today we are off to Elkhart County, Indiana. My ancestors brother, Peter Boomershine, migrated to the Elkhart County, area ca1830. He & his wife, Margaret are both buried in Benton Lutheran Cemetery, in Elkhart. Peter's stone, shown above is broken and in pieces, while Margaret's, is intact but laying on the ground, almost totally engulfed by grass. Peter dies between 1861 & 1863, and it is unclear if his death was civil war related or not. I've not found anything to indicate he served but that doesn't mean alot. Margaret dies 29 OCT 1867 in Elkhart.

Peter & Margaret were the parents of six children, Elizabeth who married Martin Shoup, John who married Susanna Felkert, Simon who married Anna Shroyer, Daniel who married Elizabeth Aherd, Catherine who never married and Rebecca who married Jesse Deardorff.

Even today there are many descendants of the Boomershine family in the Elkhart County area although many of them do not carry the Boomershine surname.

The Elkhart County public library has a wonderful obituary index on line. Although it is not all inclusive, they do have some years not covered by the index, there are enough years covered that I have quite a list of obituaries to search for. Copies are .15 each, and the newspapers are not self serve.

Tomorrow we will be chasing the headstone's of those whom we find obits on today as I do not have burial locations on most of them.

So for now, time to set the house alarm and hop in the hybrid and we're off.

On the road again....

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lindalee said...

Great "tree of life" on that tombstone. Welcome to the genabloggers community! It's a GREAT group.