12 June 2009

Distracted... Well yeah just a bit....

I don't usually blog twice in a day but after a trip on several of the local freeways to go to lunch etc., I am convinced I need to vent on this one. And yes, I am aware that this is a GENEALOGY BLOG... but considering the stupidity of the drivers I observed today, any member of YOUR family tree could have his death date entered just by taking the chance of driving on a local freeway. Take a drive and COUNT the people who are actually paying attention to driving. Trust me, going the 12 miles from my house I found exactly FIVE drivers who were driving. Nothing else, just driving! Amazing eh? Yeah I thought so too!

Do ANY of you clueless drivers out there have ANY idea what the missle you are driving weighs?

Do you have a CLUE about how dangerous it is when you drive distracted? Next time you think you are going to drive & text, talk on the phone, dig in your consol, eat your McDonalds, drink, read or whatever, ask a friend to drive behind you with a video camera. You'll scare the crap out of yourself.

I saw all those things, PLUS an arse in a mercedes who must have drank his lunch, as he was not doing any of those things, but still could not keep it between the lines. 696 east bound to 1-75 north is bad enough without loosers like this on the road, regardless of how much his car cost.

The idea that loosers who text, chat, read, do makeup and all the rest of the idiot tasks behind the wheel is okay is NUTS!

As for local law enforcement, if talking on the cell phone & texting are banned in your communities then why IS NO ONE ENFORCING IT?

The weight of an SUV makes for a large missle aimed right at anyone on the freeway! Yeah Cuba with its Nuclear tests is scary but so is driving on the freeway with these idiots driving large missles, often with no one paying any attention as to who they are aimed at!

Its time for local law enforcement to step up and start writing tickets for these issues. After all, almost every community that 696 & I-75 run through could use the revenue. What the heck are they waiting for? Opportunity knocks, or wait - maybe its texting........????


TennLady said...

Sounds like Tennessee drivers on any given day - oh and they throw their garbage out the windows while they drive!

Carol said...

And, not a full moon (see my blog of June 6, 2009 at http://reflectionsfromthefence.blogspot.com/ )

Now, take this to the next level, how many of those big rig drivers are following the speed limits, talking on the cell, fussing with their GPS. Our 5er weighs 22,000 pounds running, know what it takes to stop that baby?? The big rigs weigh HOW MUCH?? Their stopping distance, even if they slam on the brakes is a LOT longer. And, then, add the drivers that sneak in front of the big rigs and then, SLAM on the brakes. The big rig has NO chance of stopping.

But, this texting, more cell phones, and the driving drunk, NO EXCUSE!! And, now, back to our regular scheduled blogging.

Karen Packard Rhodes said...

On 2 December 2008, I was on my way to my last day of classes for the term at the University of North Florida. I was crossing the St. Johns River via the Buckman Bridge. The river at that point is three miles wide. I was about five car lengths behind the car ahead of me, as I like to have lots of space. There was a big red SUV to the left of me, ahead by about 1 1/2 car lengths, and on the right a little white sedan about the same bearing to me. These two decided to change lanes in front of me at the same time. I don't think either one looked, in fact, I'm sure the dame in the white sedan didn't. I think the SUV driver was distracted. Suddenly, she got a clue and overcorrected back to the left, and then overcorrected to the right. She even went up on two wheels, as I could see the undercarriage of her car. She did a 360 right in front of me, then went off, in the wrong direction, to my left. I thought I was out of the woods, and prepared to pull over so I could do my civic duty as a witness, when she comes back, rear-end to, and smashes into my poor little Ford Ranger pickup truck which had served me very well for ten years and still ran like a champ. The driver's side door was smashed in so that it hit me in the ribs. This lady didn't stop there, she went back forward and around, finally ending up to my right. She was apparently uninjured, for she hopped out of her SUV and began picking up the personal items -- some of them her unmentionables, including some which were disrespectfully festooning my poor little truck. Did she bother to come over and see how I was? Nope.

So, yeah, I know from lousy careless stupid drivers! I understand your rant.

Let's all be real careful out there!