26 June 2009

On the road again...

[Image - sailing ship like the one the pilgrams traveled in docked at Plymouth Rock, May 2008]

This trip is a short one actually. I mean short compared to our last on the road again post.

Saturday (tomorrow), I am doing a three hour seminar in Crystal, Michigan from 2-5. First session is going to be on "Researching There When You Are Here" and then followed by "So Your Female Ancestor Has No Surname?"

I am writing this on Friday note because with the early hours Studmuffin has had at work, I am not sure really what our time frame will be like trying to get out the door on Saturday morning!

Monday, June 29th we really do hit the road again, this time driving south to Sarasota, Florida. We'll be doing a quick visit with family, some headstone photography and then picking up Studmuffin's oldest brother and bringing him back home with us. Seems he enjoys drywall work? We'll find out eh? We'll be returning the end of the week after a quick stop near St. Augustine for a quick visit with Studmuffin's youngest sister Jennifer and her family on Thursday evening.

July 9th, 10th and 11th we'll be on the road again, this time driving the 2010 Ford Fiesta as a promo we won from Ford Motor Company. I'll be blogging about our trip driving the Fiesta and introducing it to the people we meet along the way. Stay tuned for that one as we head west across Michigan and down into Indiana & Ohio to research while showing off the newest SMALL card on the Ford menu. You won't want to miss the pictures & blog on those travels!

August 13, 14 & 15th finds us in Traverse City for a speaking engagement and celebrating Studmuffin's birthday. Looking forward to this trip been a while since we've visited Traverse City!

If you find yourself in the vicinity of any of my talks, stop by and introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you!

But for now, its time to call it a night - busy time coming!

... just can't wait to get on the road again...

Happy researching!
[If you are a librarian or a genealogical or historical society and find you have room on your schedule contact me at karen[at]miprofgenie[dot]com I'd love to come and speak to your group! I have a variety of talks available. If I don't have one that works for you I can write one!]

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