22 July 2009

Hands Around The Library

Those of you who follow this blog or do any reading on the internet I'm sure have come across the plight of the Library of Michigan. The Gov. of the state of Michigan has decided that having a state library is not one of her priorities and wishes to remove it in order to save money.

This morning the Michigan Genealogical Council issued the following letter. I share it here with you so that those of you who follow this blog and live within the state can perhaps take the time out and go and join in this worthwhile effort to try & save the library and all the great resources found there.

Please use the contact information listed at the end of the note if you have questions!
Fellow Michigan genealogists and library supporters - Now is the time for Michiganians to come to the aid of our state's history and learning.Your Michigan Genealogical Council is planning a public assembly in Lansing to show our legislators and fellow citizens that we care about our state's past.On Wednesday the 5th of August, let's assemble at the State Capitol, on the lawn. We have reserved the North and South lawns, and the steps. Time, 9:45 a.m. The State Senate goes into session at 10 a.m., the only time in the next few weeks we can be certain our legislators will be assembled at Lansing. At 10:30 a.m., we will process/march over to the Michigan Historical Center and form our Hands Around the Library -- in hopes of good media coverage! Since the perimeter of the building is around 1800 feet, it is obvious we can use as many genealogists or friends of libraries/history of all types as possible. Please definitely let your local Society know you are coming for sure, since you can see that we need coverage - flags and ribbons can be held between people as well as hands and arms.We'll stay around the building probably 20 minutes starting at 11:00 a.m. -- then off to lunch, research, or museum viewing!Thanks for your support of Michigan's past … and our future. Please let us know how many from your Society will be able to participate -- and questions to Sue Irvine sjirv@yahoo.com.

Your Michigan Genealogical Council
Happy Researching!

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