31 July 2009

Hide & Seek - Genealogy Style

Yesterday I was working on a to do list for a trip I am taking on Saturday (yep, wrote this last night and posted it this Saturday morning as I was headed out the door), looking for people who died in Michigan - perhaps find the burial locations. Then I can go and locate an obituary and if one happens to be found, photograph the headstone.

One of the parties I was "investigating" was a Vera Boomershine. I knew who Vera's parents were, I knew she was born 8 Oct 1917 in Keokuk County, Iowa and that she died 4 Jan 1944 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan. I also knew her husband was a Clifton Bone. I knew nothing else. Someone else had shared this info with me, so it was unproven to me. Time to do some follow ups.

I added Vera Boomershine Bone to my obituary to do list for Saturday morning at the Library of Michigan. Then I decided to do a search on Ancestry just to see what popped up. Imagine my surprise when up popped a marriage record for this couple - in all places - Missouri! Seems they married In Iron County, Missouri 20 July 1935. I had no idea she had even gone to Missouri for any length of time.

Although the marriage record - and yes, the data base - Missouri Marriage Records 1805-2002 has the actual images - didn't give her birth date or any real person information, it did have her mother's written consent on the record for her marriage!

I still don't know alot about Clifton Bone, although the certificate does state that he is over 21 years of age. I found what I do believe his death information, looks like he possibly moved back to Missouri after Vera dies. I found a possible birth of 14 Jun 1914 and a partial death date of Sept 1967. Now to see if I can locate an obituary for him ... and confirm that this really is "the" Clifton Bone.

And you thought hide & seek was just for the kids...

Happy researching!


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