18 July 2009

A Learning Experience...

Or, Yes, even an experienced genealogist can learn some new stuff!

Yesterday, I spoke at the annual summer conference at the Library of Michigan in Lansing. The conference there went for two days - with both days full of learning opportunties for people of all levels of experience in genealogy.

It was great to see so many people there, taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from some really great speakers.

The keynote speaker for this conference was, Stephen Morse, the creator of the 1 Step webpage. What a fabulous speaker this man is, and the work that he has done. I had heard many things about Stephen but had never really paid alot of attention until today when I heard him speak and explain his 1 step process. If you have not explored Stephen's website I strongly encourage you to do so!

Stephen's website is so full of search tools I promise you won't know where to start! Whatever you do take the time to go and see what all he has. I'm sure you won't be sorry you did!

Kudo's to the Library of Michigan staff - Randy, Kris, Edwina & Charles for all your hard work this weekend - and to the Eaton County Genealogical Society for co-sponsoring this awesome event!

Happy researching!

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Amy (We Tree) said...

Thanks for the reminder. Stephen's web site is mentioned often in the podcasts to which I listen. I kept forgetting to check it out. Thanks to your post, it's now tucked safely in my favorites.