06 August 2009

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine visiting the graves of your ancestors and finding these fine folks? These two "stones" if you want to call them that are of the Kimmel family, Alma, Michigan. The reason I say family, is that it appears Mrs. Kimmel is holding a small child. The stones, both have full names, dates & details regarding the lives of the Kimmels, including military. What a find! What a great surprise if you've not encountered them before. Stones are in Alma Cemetery, Alma, Michigan.

How about this one - the stone is approx 4 1/2 ft tall, multiple sided, and covered entirely with the history of the Dearth family of Warren County, Ohio. It begins with the matriarch & patriarch of this family Edward & Elizabeth Dearth - Granted the history is engraved there, and this is not a stone put there in the past ten years, you still have to go and prove the things that are on the stone. But what a roadmap to research with!

This is just two really good reasons you need to take the time to visit the graves of YOUR ancestors, you just never know what you'll find!

Dearth stones are in Springboro Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio. Photo's in the collection of Mark & Karen Krugman

Happy Researching!

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TennLady said...

Like the stone in the Smellage Cemetery in Putnam County, Tennessee with a list of all the descendants. Pretty cool.