04 August 2009

Why Can't They All Be Like This?

Finally I am working on the final stack of the obituaries I pulled at the Elkhart County (Indiana) public library back in May. I know, its taken a while, but there were 98 of them, and its just me - and the construction zone that is now a family room, travel, husband and life... anyhow...

I keep running into some obituaries where the second wife survives. And the first wife is never mentioned. Until Now! Read on...

Edwin O. Stroup
Edwin O. Stroup, 83, died Sunday at the home near Millersburg where he had lived for more than 60 years.
He was born April 13, 1866 near Millersburg, a son of Samuel and Anna Parker Stroup
. He was married Nov. 29, 1888 to Liddie Culp and she died May 19, 1894. On June 14, 1899 Mr. Stroup was married to Saloma Stiver. She survives with a son from the first marriage, Otto D. Stroup of Richmond, Calif., another son, by the second marriage, Herbert C. Stroup, at home, three granddaughters and a grandson, and two nieces, Mrs. Op__ Yarnell of Napolean, O., and Mrs. Romayne Apple of St. Cloud, Florida.
The body will be returned from the Stiver Funeral Home to the Stroup home this afternoon and funeral services will be held there Tuesday at 2 pm in charge of the Rev. R.A. Worthman of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Millersburg. Burial will be in the Brown Cemetery.


So, do the second wives just ignore the fact that the first wife ever exsisted or is it just some accident that the first wife is not mentioned even though she is gone? Maybe it just is not important to them? Sure would help me!

So many of the obituaries I pull for the men in my files, I know who the wife is, I know who her parents were, then I pull that obituary and the wife is a totally different person. I shake my head and start the process of verifying that yes, this really IS the same person, its just his first wife is not named. Let alone identifying which children belong to which mother.

Sure makes things just a wee bit easier eh? Still have to verify but having a good road map sure helps! Wonder if the informant on this obituary was the second wife?

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Greta Koehl said...

It's the same here - I've just finished almost 200 obituaries, and rarely was the first wife mentioned - maybe 10 percent of the time.