09 September 2009

Family History

And the grin on his face is still there too!

32 years ago today I changed my name. Yep, sure did. Lets turn back the clock & the calendar a bit...

I was attending a small jr. college in my home town, Manatee Junior College, located in Bradenton, Florida. Valentines day was fast approaching and as schools sometimes did they decided to have a valentines day dance.

My friends all thought it would be great fun for the five of us to go together, a girls night out sort of thing since none of us were in any serious relationships. So we made our plans, figured out our clothing choices and off we went.

Sitting together at a large round table, we had other friends both male & female stop by for visits and laughs but most continued on to dance or return to their tables. No biggie. I left the table for a bit to visit some other friends and when I returned this "person" was in my chair and he appeared to have no interest in moving!

Thirty two years that person is still in my "seat" or perhaps I should rephrase that - he's definitely still in my life - He asked me out at that valentines day dance and we've been together since. We married Sept. 9th, 1977 at an outdoor sunset ceremony in Sarasota, Florida.

Two children, three grandsons, a cross country move and we're still here, still in love and enjoying life together. Still crazy after all those years!

Now if that isn't family history I don't know what is....

Happy Anniversary Mark!



Carol said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!!

GrannyPam said...

Congratulations on this milestone. Enjoy!

Amy Coffin said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I Love You, then, now, and all of the tomorrows to come! MK