14 September 2009

Monday Madness

When we do Monday madness we are expected (sort of ) to write a blog about things that genealogically drive us crazy. Well you'll love this one. And I bet you can all relate!

I've been working on this project reorganizing my files and documentation. Quite the chore it is. While going thru my files yesterday, I found myself looking at a marriage record for Emanuel Kreitzer & Susannah Shroyer down in Dayton, Ohio. Not a problem. I had limited info - basically just a burial location for Emanuel. I knew nothing about Susannah except that she supposedly died in 1920 in Ohio. The burial location for Emanuel showed burial in Lexington, Kentucky. Say what? Why on earth would Emanuel be buried in Lexington?

First thing I did was immediately check the Ohio deaths on Family Search Labs. Nope, no matter what I did I could not find him. Maybe the wind was just not on my side that day. I went back and checked my source for the burial place - None, Nadda, Nope No Source! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR One of those early facts that got put in and not sourced. Now had nothing to base this on.

Decided to switch gears and see what I could locate on Susannah. Checked Family Search Ohio Deaths and up she pops with a death date in 1921. After locating the death certificate I was able to see on her death certificate that she is buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery, Preble County, Ohio.

I decided to check my Sugar Grove headstone file and see what I could find.

Doesn't look to me like there is any reason for me to keep the burial in Lexington note now does it? I did make a note in my file that the note had been there and I added that I had no source for that fact.

Sure looks to me like I've got more work than I thought ahead of me....

Oh well!
Happy Researching!


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Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Possibly it's another Emanuel Kreitzer who is buried in Lexington, and you just seized upon it at the time. In my family line, there's lore that one of my great-grandfathers was born in and lived in Vermont. I have serious doubts. One researcher had a census with someone of the same name in Vermont, but I have a census for that same year that puts him in Illinois with his known family. Names, without other information, can mislead us.

Happy researching to you, too!