29 October 2009

Ligon Family in Kentucky

Today in my ongoing scanning project I came across some photo's. One of them, which I am going to feature here on the blog is of the Ligon family. Supposedly taken in Hopkins County, Kentucky ca1905-1906.

If you click on the image you can get a larger image... if you have Ligon's in your tree perhaps you'd like a closer look - maybe help identify a few of these hard workin' folks.

The family shown above are descendants of Richard Ligon & his wife, Ann B. Webber, both out of Amelia County, Virginia. Richard is a direct line descendant of Col. Thomas Ligon/Lygon who was in Virginia prior to 1648. He was married to Mary Harris, daughter of Thomas Harris. The family was chronicled in a book, The Ligon Family In America (1947).

A very large & entertaining family to research for sure! My husband Mark descends from this family, and being able to identify the people in this photo would be an awesome accomplishment to say the least!

We've had great luck with the identifying of other old photo's lets see what happens with this one!

Happy Researching!

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