09 October 2009

Review Review Review

As those of you who follow my blog know I've been working on a massive organization of all my files, specifically those I've had in large notebooks. The notebooks have been taken apart and all pages are being gone over, as my grandmother used to say, "with a fine tooth comb".

20 years ago when I started doing genealogy alot of my "copies" were made by my personal copy machine..aka my hand - I did alot of writing notes & sources - especially when in courthouses. Money was a wee bit tight but still wanting the info I took tons of notes.

Many of those notes & sources are laying here, part of this reorganization project. Its amazing the things I am finding in those notes that did not fit then but oh boy do they fit now! Marriages of couples that I had not gotten together before suddenly have full marriage dates - and some of those early deaths - you know the ones before "official" death certificates? Well I had pages of those, hand written complete with age at time of deaths, place of death and cause of death.

Obviously some great finds in those old 20 year old handwritten notes. I guess the whole story here boils down to three words...


Happy Researching!

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TennLady said...

Review, review, review!