04 December 2009

Geneabloggers Cooking...

Alot of people think because I do so much genealogy that I don't do much else. Well that isn't really true. I belong to a group called the Geneabloggers here on line. During the holidays this year we are blogging about different aspects of the holiday season.

One of the biggest parts of the holidays for alot of people are the goodies that are traditionally baked & served this time of year. Our family has its favorites as well. The Geneabloggers are putting together a family recipe collection and asked for submissions. In order to submit you needed to post it on your blog. So today I am blogging on my Baked Caramel Corn.

Our family are big popcorn eaters. My grandmother for many years made the traditional popcorn balls, using a recipe very simular to this one below. But my kids loved caramel corn. We tried many different varieties and brands but none of them seemed to coat the popcorn and many were grainy and were just not well done. Big bucks for something that just wasn't properly made just didn't seem right.

I was a young mother with two little ones and decided to try making it on my own. It took only one batch for my family & friends to decide that they never would by caramel corn again. This is the most requested holiday recipe that I have. I have a list of over 30 people who enjoy this caramel corn every year and can't wait to get their container. My daughter enjoys hers so much she took it to work and was disappointed when it all disappeared within minutes. Its the same on my husbands office. It's just a fantastic recipe and it never fails to get compliments no matter where I take it. Both of my kids have asked for the recipe, although both prefer to wait until I make it. Its made only during the holiday season so its a real treat when its made. Something about coming from mom's kitchen I guess?

So here's my recipe for Baked Caramel Corn. I can't tell you where the recipe came from, I've had in my recipe file for close to 30 years now. Its great just like you see it here or you can add nuts of about any kind to it. Either way, make a bunch, because I promise you they'll be back for more!

6 cups popped unbuttered popcorn*
2 cups Brown sugar (I use half dark & half light)
1/2 cup light Karo Syrup
2 sticks softened butter
1/8 tsp baking soda
dash of cream of tartar
dash of salt

[*if you use an air popcorn popper I use three batches of air popped corn from the popcorn pumper.]
Make sure popcorn is popped and in a large container that can stand heat. I would not recommend plastic. I use a stainless steel bowl.

Combine the brown sugars, the Karo syrup and butter. Place over medium heat. Cook until melted and boiling. Once boil has started boil for five minutes. Do not alter cook time. After five minutes, add remaining items - soda, tartar and salt. Mixture will turn a caramel color & start to foam.
Pour hot mixture over popped popcorn. Stir well making sure all popcorn is coated. Place on lightly greased cookie sheets. Place in a 200 degree oven for 1 hour.
Remove from oven and allow to cool for a short time then break apart and place in containers.
Great for gift giving. It doesn't last long around here.

Happy Researching

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