04 January 2010


Organizing your genealogy is one of those things that I believe is an ongoing process that may not be resolved in a day or even a week. I guess alot depends on just how organized you would like to be. I think everyone would like to be more organized than they are. Something about that old addage about the grass always being greener....

I've been organizing & decluttering for a while. Not just my office but our entire house. After doing genealogy for 20+ years you start to rethink how you've been doing things. The introduction of new technology certainly seems to affect the organization process. For example I remember when our "new" camera was a Sony Digital camera - large & semi-bulky and the photo's were all saved to a 3.5 disk. WOWSERS! We took HUNDREDS of photo's on those disks and we had them all labeled and saved in cute little boxes in the office.

One day the camera wasn't happy anymore and suddenly the shock hit - OMG! These new camera's don't save to disk. They save to memory cards or memory sticks? What do we do with all those disks NOW? Oh wait, when you upgrade the computer they no longer include a floppy drive in those new computers either. Lordy! If its not one thing its another eh?

So technology does affect how & when you organize - especially in this digital age. The fun part is that no one really knows for sure how long all these Cd's, DVD's etc are really going to be good for. Sometimes the old paper & pencil doesn't seem so bad eh?

Organizing your genealogy is a process that you will think & rethink over the years, but its certainly one that will require your attention at some point. My best advice to you is to ask lots of questions, expect lots of answers. Mull them over & then decide what works best for you. Maybe a combination of this one & that one. Maybe all this one. Whatever works for you is what is best. If it doesn't work the way you want, you won't use it.

Today is the beginning of Relatively Speaking - Cousins Who Blog. I encourage you to stop by the main post for today over at Carol's. This will be a weekly blog appearing every Monday at one of the three cousins blogs. Next Monday, Anne over at Gene notes will be doing the honors. So stop by and give a read. You just never know what we'll be discussing next!

Happy Researching!

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Diane said...

I just wanted to say I love the Relatively Speaking blog. Great start Carol. I'm looking forward to Anne's turn and Karen's of course. Maybe I'm blind but I didn't see any way to add my comment on Carol's page. Sorry about that Karen. You are the lucky one who gets stuck with it. Way to go fellow Wild Ones. Diane (the non-blogging wo)