28 January 2010


So have you stuck with me through the series? I sure hope so! We're almost done. Today's letter in the word stumble is the letter "L".

When I use the letter "L" I use it for LEADS. Follow ALL LEADS. I know sometimes that when you use services such as Ancestry or one of those the number of leads can be overwhelming. So narrow down the search using dates or places or both. Then follow ALL LEADS.

Sure some of them are going to lead you down paths where you say "WHAT?" or "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" or such thoughts. I've seen things such as my Hessian soldier Henry Boomershine being born in Indiana in 1748. I saw that and I said, "did you sleep thru your American history class?" What on earth are people thinking posting such things?

With a bit of common sense, your family group sheets firmly in hand, you can follow the leads presented to you and be able to assertain which need to go straight to the curb file and which ones are worth following. Every lead you come across has the POTENTIAL to contain at least one lead - whether its a date, a name or location.

Be sure to remember that these are LEADS not proven facts. You might ask the submitter or person who owns the website to provide you with their sources, which would be a great way to follow up on the leads. But they are just that LEADS. Hopefully the LEADS you find will turn into proven facts once you document & verify the information that you've located.

So put on your hip waders and venture out you might be surprised where following all LEADS might get you!

Happy Researching!


Lori said...

Completely agree with you Karen. Playing hunches is also important. You never know where they will lead you. It might be to a dead end or it might be to a treasure! :)

Karen said...

Hi Lori! Nothing ventured nothing gained - you just never know until you make an effort to step out of your comfort zone & push the boundaries a bit! Thanks for the comment!

Alice Dilts said...

When you follow the leads, you never know what information you may find!