26 January 2010


Onward with the discussion on STUMBLE. Today's letter is the letter "M" and when I think of the letter "M" in Stumble I think of "METHODICAL".

The dictionary defines "Methodical" as..
1. Arranged or proceeding in regular, systematic order.
2. Characterized by ordered and systematic habits or behavior

For me both of these definitions work for the "M" in the word STUMBLE. Make a plan & work the plan, do it in a methodical way so that you know where you've been & where you are going. Taking the time to figure out what things you need to do & where the best places to do them might be can be a very good thing.

By taking the time to plan ahead - aka making a to do list of things you need to find or research on each person or family helps not only with your planning for research but also in a financial way by allowing you to put aside the funds you might need for a trip to the archives or to a library in the area your ancestors lived. By being methodical with your research, planning, organizing, making to do lists etc., you set yourself up for success in your research.

I know there are people out there that just aren't into organization or planning. Then this may not be the method for you. However, if you don't give it a try you really won't know will you? I say give yourself six months of working the STUMBLE plan you might be surprised.

Recapping -


S-Source your material
T- Trace your ancstors & your searching
U- Unturned - leave no stone unturned
M- Methodical - make a plan & work the plan

Happy Researching!

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