12 March 2010

Indexing & Handwriting...

Both cousins, Anne & Carol had issues with both indexing & handwriting. Personally I find the two usually go together in some capacity. I am including for your viewing pleasure a death certificate that I have located. Can you tell me who you THINK it is for? I can tell you it is indexed as Anordley, C.C. take a look and tell me what you think? Remember you can click on the image to enlarge & return to the blog by using your browsers back button.

SO did you figure it out yet?
Its actually the death certificate for Christopher C. Ansley, son of Elbert O. Ansley & his wife, Leah J. Richardson. Christopher died 28 Oct 1926 in Lee Couny, Georgia. Took a bit of creative searching but success at last!

Happy Researching!

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lindalee said...

Agreed. I have had some difficulty locating folks how I KNOW died in Ohio using the Family Search search engine. I often have to noodle around with the name until I finally find the certificate. This also happens on ancestry and their indexing of the surnames. At least you can correct their mistakes.