02 April 2010

Georgia errrr Pennsylvania On My Mind

I know I've mentioned it a couple of times, I'd started my prep for it. And the more I did the less I felt good about it.

Our vacation plans were to go down into Kentucky & do some research on Mark's family in Kentucky - working our way thru some Indiana counties along the way. I wasn't exactly over joyed, although I was happy about being able to go & research.

A few days ago I told Mark we needed to discuss our vacation plans - he was cool with it, just plan it and he'd show up & be there! My kind of man - roll with your indecisive wife!

So now we are planning our trip to Pennsylvania. I'm really excited about researching at the Historical societies in both Lancaster & Berks County, Pennsylvania. Their online sites appear to be very well developed - and I've found tons of great data bases and stuff to show me their holdings. I've got a plan in place - and a research notebook made up. Only 26 days till we leave!

Happy Easter to all!


TennLady said...

You are the recipient of the Ancestor Approved Award!

Joan said...

Please accept and pick up the the Ancestor Approved Award at Roots'N' Leaves

I am tagging you as well for this award. I have really enjoyed your blog since I became a follower. Also was interested in your Philpot post. I knew some very dear friends in southern Oregon by the name of Philpot.

Linda McCauley said...

Karen, I see I'm not the 1st or even 2nd but I also chose you for the "Ancestor Approved Award". http://lfmccauley.blogspot.com/2010/04/ancestor-approved-award.html.