03 May 2010

Relatively Speaking...

I've been thinking all weekend about what to write about on the Relatively speaking blog for this week. What is it that I want to blog about? Sitting here at my desk I look up and my little "robin" is sitting here looking at me. He doesn't chirp or hop about. He just sits here - with his little saying on the log under him. His saying is very simple - "Cherish Life's Simple Pleasures".

Life's simple pleasures can mean so many things to so many people. For me life's simple pleasures are family, friends, grandkids (did I already say grandkids?), my flowers, a good book, a little stitching or just watching my bird feeders. I'm very blessed to have lots of simple pleasures in my life.

When I stop & consider the simple pleasures in my life I have to wonder about the simple pleasures that my ancestors found in their lives. I've heard stories of my great grandmothers & their love for their flowers, their sewing and quilting and more. Alot of those simple pleasures seem to transcend generations, as I find myself enjoying much of the same sort of things.

I find myself looking at my daughter (yes I already see some of those in her life!), son & grandsons and wonder if these same simple pleasures will again transcend the generations. I sure hope so!

Take some time today to enjoy your simple pleasures! I plan on doing just that. Just as soon as I finish this blog entry!

Happy Researching!
[Photo taken 2005 by Mark at the Inn at Honey Run in Holmes County, Ohio. Another of life's simple pleasures, a weekend get away with someone special at Honey Run! Just beautiful!]

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