27 May 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Mabel's Doll

A peek into the family treasure chest today provides us with a look at Mabel's doll.
Mabel Reusch born 13 Apr 1891, the oldest daughter born to Frederick Reusch & his wife, Amanda Appla Reusch. Mabel's doll was made probably ca1900-1910.

Mabel married Paul Krugman and they moved from Medina County,Ohio to Oakland County, Michigan. The doll was in the possession of Mabel until the time of her death 1 Oct 1985 at which time it was given to her granddaughter, Jennifer Krugman Weithman.

Mabel is my husband Mark's, grandmother.


Mary said...

What a beautiful doll! I have one from my childhood but she's only about 55 years old. This one kind of reminds me of mine tho mine is blond. This one is such a treasure.

lindalee said...

As a doll collector, I am fascinated by yours. Unfortunately, none in my collection were owned by any of my ancestors. You are so fortunate to have one that belonged to a relation.

Nancy said...

I'm a sucker for dolls and Mabel's is wonderful! She looks in like-new condition and her clothes look original. Lovely.

Karen said...

Thanks to all for your comments. Yes, those are the original clothes - in fact she's all original and in very good condition. I think she's lovely - I know she has a wonderful safe home with my sister in law, Jennifer!