29 July 2010

Ohio Estate Taxes Returns & Probate Files

Ohio Estate Tax Returns (1969 & 1976)
Note full date of death, residence, full date of birth, cause of death & occupation on the one above from 1969.

This one from 1976 has date of death, residence, date of birth, cause of death, occupation and they've added her social security number. I know that estates are required to file taxes on the descendants assets, but this is the first time I've seen these forms on the probate papers.

I will admit that unless I really want the cause of death or other information badly I usually don't send for death certificates on non-direct lines. However, finding the cause of death on both of these was a very good find, I would not have ordered the death certificate for these. With the death date being outside the range of the freebie death certificates on line its doubtful I would have gotten those causes of deaths any time soon.

Happy Researching!

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