09 August 2010

Monday Madness - Abigail Presley Ansley

Just who is Abigail Presley Ansley? I doubt seriously that anyone might be able to answer that question. Or at least no one I know. There is alot of speculation & suppositions but I've yet to see any proof showing me exactly who she is or who her parents are. Below is a "Theory Sheet", which is a group sheet that has been made and indicates that until I find solid proof, this link remains a theory.

Remember you can click on this "theory sheet" image for larger one & use your browsers back button to return to Genealogy Frame of Mind.

Theory has it that Abigail Presley was the daughter of Andrew Presley (pick your variation of that surname and insert) and his wife, Anny. No where, No how has anyone shown ME that this is a documented fact. And those of you who practice "click & claim" genealogy, you can not use this blog for documentation of that fact. I see her name plastered all over Ancestry's tree's as you see it on the "theory sheet" but No where have I seen this backed up with any serious source documentation.

It seems these days in the world of genealogy instead of taking the time to locate real proof, solid documentation proving that what you see is really & truly the right thing, its easier to take so & so's gedcom and settle for that as proof. Well folks, here's a newsflash for ya! That don't cut it. Sorry, no sugar coating no beating around the bush. That's junk! If you want ME or any other real genealogist to take you seriously, show me REAL sources, REAL documentation. Until then, sorry folks, your work don't cut it. If I want fairy tales I can go to my local library and check out Grim's fairy tales or one of those. Like Sgt Friday used to say.... "Just the facts mam!"...

So, tell me, are you an Ansley or Presley researcher? Do you have the REAL proof needed to state without a shadow of a doubt that Abigail is the daughter of Andrew & Anny? I mean serious proof, not so & so's gedcom - that just doesn't cut it with me. I'm like Coke... I want the real thing!

How about you??

Happy Researching!


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Jo said...

I'm with you, Karen, I say "without the documents, it's just a story" Hope some proof comes to light!