16 September 2010

Review Review Review...

When I spoke Tuesday in Algonac at the Algonac Clay library I did a talk called Stumble! This is one of my least requested talks, probably because no one wants to admit that they do Stumble. Had you been at the presentation you would have heard how Stumbling is not really a bad thing.

The biggest part of Stumble is REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW. The Wild Ones have discussed this many times, and the general concensus is that you really do need to go back thru & review your files on a regular basis. Not every week of course but at least once a year a general review of your files would be a very good thing.

Remember that old saying, "Out of sight Out of mind"? Well it certainly applies here. With genealogists so busy grabbing stuff off the internet often papers get shoved in boxes and baskets and no one ever pays any attention to the stuff they've shoved in the drawers of their filing cabinets, baskets & boxes.

Take a day and review a couple of those folders in your file cabinet. It might surprise you what you find.

Reviewing your files - Its a very good thing!

Happy Researching!


Michelle Goodrum said...

Always a good reminder. Thanks!

Carol said...

Works EVERY Time!! Never fails!

Leah Kleylein said...

Karen, I completely agree! Just a couple months ago I found a big old error I had perpetuated for years. I was upset, but hey, I'd rather find the mistakes and fix them then to keep the bad info going on!