25 October 2010

Fehn's 1891 House

This past week we made a quick trip down to Florida to bring mom back with us.  The trip down was rather boring and straight to the point - get there!  Coming home however we took a bit of a side trip. 

We sometimes do this sidetrip thing just to get off the freeway and see what the road less traveled has to offer.  This side trip was well worth the effort.  We took a route less traveled and ended up in a small town, Dayton, Tennessee.  The town itself isn't alot to look at, but there are some some things there worth taking a second look at. 

One of those gems is a place called Fehn's 1891 House Restaurant.  Located at 449 Delaware Avenue in Dayton, Tennessee, this is definitely a place worth going off the fast track for.

We chatted with the owners, as Colleen was actively talking with the customers during the dinner hour.  We were there quite a while as the food was out of this world - Mom had the country ham with a good sized sweet potato & salad,  Mark had the Salmon with dill sauce, I had the jumbo fried shrimp with a baked potato.  The salad dressings are primarily made by the chef & co-owner Don.  The wasabi cucumber ranch dressing was to die for!  The perfect topping for a crisp salad, and the homemade rolls made the perfect sidekick to all the meals!  Everything was very tasty and very nicely presented, with good size portions.  The macaroon pie was delicious.  

They do have one guest room available upstairs if you are looking for a great B&B stay, but they do need a bit of notice if you want that.  We did tour the kitchen and the main floor, and you can see the hard work & committment they have put into this beautiful old home. 

The house was originally built as a Catholic school for the children of the coal miners in Dayton.  Colleen & Don bought the house and basically gutted it, saving as much of the original floors and wall coverings as possible.  They've done a beautiful job - the atmostphere in the dining rooms was just awesome!  I can't say enough good about Fehn's 1891 Restaurant - except if you are passing thru Tennessee be sure to get off that beaten path called I-75 and swing thru Dayton, Tennessee.  You'll be so glad you did!

Happy Researching!

Note: Interesting side note - while touring the kitchen we were introduced to a gentleman who was helping out with food prep.  He mentioned that his wife makes homemade goatsmilk soaps.  We chatted with him for a bit and ended up buying some wonderful soaps from his wife, Becky.  She owns Dixie-Soaps.   Smells wonderful and from what I've seen so far, another gem from Dayton, Tennessee.

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TennLady said...

I found some organic goats milk soap at a street fair a couple weeks ago. Haven't tried it yet. From Falls Creek Farms south of here.