07 October 2010

Thrify Thursday - Chronicling America

I am always in search of ways to find information on our ancestors.  I especially enjoy searching the old newspapers for the "color" that only the social pages of early newspapers can provide.  By color I mean the day to day stuff that really makes our ancestors come to life! 

With finances the way they are right now in this economy, everyone is tightening their belts, cutting back.  Many people are looking for ways to research without spending tons of money that they really can't spare.

The Library of Congress website may just be what you are looking for.  Chronicling America is the Library of Congress website that has old newspapers - not for every state, but for a good number of states.  Its totally free to anyone who wants to use it.  All indexed and scanned - just waiting for people to come & research.  You can print the images or save them to your hard drive for later use. 

Kudo's to the library for sharing these old newspapers with us.  I've already found quite a bit of "stuff" that I've put into my genealogy file!  

Happy Researching!


Mary said...

Thanks Karen...I bookmarked this page and will be checking it out after work today, or sometime this weekend.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Thank you for the reminder. There's so many great site out there, it's easy to forget them all. I've got it bookmarked now!

TennLady said...

I've found a few tidbits there. Great site.

Randi said...

Karen - also for south Georgia newspapers USG has old copies of the Milledgeville News, Southern Recorder and some others. Also indexed and scanned.