28 October 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Bloss Miltenberger letter of 1849

I love surfing around on the internet, using my google search engine I find the neatest things.  One day it came to my attention that the letter shown below was up for grabs on ebay.  Went & took a look.  Checked against my data base, figured out who everyone was and decided to place a bid.  Obviously with the letter being on my blog, I won the bid and now this letter, from William R. Bloss, in Preble County, Ohio to his cousin, E. M. Miltenberger over in Warren County, Ohio is in my treasure chest. 

The letter, postmarked & addressed on the back of the letter itself, then neatly folded into an "envelope" type form still bears the remains of the wax used to seal the letter closed.  It is dated Preble Co., August 14, 1849.   E. M is Emaline Matilda Miltenberger (1826-1891), who marries that November to Joshua Button.  William R. Bloss, who was born in 1822 is yet to be researched, although I do know of his siblings & parents.  They are both first cousins six times removed to me.

I did not scan the entire back of the letter only the part that I felt was important. Also the front has two (2) signatures at the bottom of the page which I was unable to capture on my scanner.  Remember that if you wish to enlarge the image, clicking will open it in a new, larger window.  Use your browsers back button to return to Genealogy Frame of Mind.

Happy Researching!

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