20 January 2011

Tragic Thursday - Coroner's Inquest - D. Boomershine (1932)

Just in case you are worrying about what is in the documents below,  you can stop worrying.  There's nothing here that's gross or indecent.  What is here is the story of a man's last afternoon, his decision to end his life and the inquest that took place after his death.  Some may find it hard to read, others may be fascinated.  I personally felt sad, both for him & for the family he left behind.

 I am not transcribing it here, you can click on the image and enlarge the pages if you wish to read.  If you don't want to read but want to know the determination of the coroner then scroll to the end and read his findings.  St. Joseph County, Indiana, which is where this took place has actually indexed & published a book on the coroner inquests for that county.  You have to order the file from them with your check. 


TennLady said...

Sad. I've been so reluctant to post suicides.

Karen said...

Anne, I've been pondering this for quite some time but felt that it was of value for the information it contained. It had been more "detailed" I would have stayed away. I felt this was as safe as it gets. Being able to read his wife's account was one of those rare genealogy moments when you see "inside" the fact. Thanks for your comment!