10 March 2011

Documenting The Details

I've always been a huge advocat of documenting your genealogical work.  To be honest I haven't always followed my own advice.  When I first began my genealogical journey almost 20 years ago, I added tons of great information, but didn't bother to source it at all.  I'm sure there are many of you today doing the same thing.

Although I have several projects in the works with my genealogy, I always find things here & there that have nothing to do with the current projects, usually things that need to be proven from past entries, that pop  up and want my attention.

Today is no exception.  Not being able to work at my home desktop, I'm working online doing some digging while doing some volunteer desk work.  Going thru my Ansley line I find an entry for David H. Ansley, who SUPPOSEDLY  wounded at the Battle of Missionary Ridge.  This is in notes, not sourced, not dated.  So when I came across this I opened up Footnote.com and started to search.  Didn't take me long until I located a report from 1864, showing that yes, David H. Ansley was shot in the left hip joint during the battle of Missionary Ridge Nov. 20, 1863.  It pretty much left him disabled for the remainder of his life. 

Only took a few minutes but the gratification of knowing that yes, this information was correct and I had documentation to prove it was priceless!  One undocumented fact now a proven fact!  It's a very good thing!

Happy Researching!

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