02 March 2011

Use It Or Loose It

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with a very dear friend, who just happens to be a librarian at the state library here in Michigan.

She asked if I had any idea why no one is using the library?  I was surprisd to hear from her that there are days when only one or two people show up the entire day to use the state library.

Wasn't it just last spring when everyone was writing letters & showing up in masses to fight for the library staying open?  Wasn't everyone up in arms at the idea that the state library might close?  We NEED this collection, We NEED this library to stay open, we use this library.  Isn't that what everyone was saying? 

So where is everyone now?  How about you? When was the last time YOU visited the state library in Lansing?  The collection that we fought so hard for is there - waiting!  It didn't get moved or closed, its just sitting there right where you wanted it.  Yeah the hours changed a bit, no more weekends, but... is that really enough to keep you away?  Although I don't get there every week, I do try to get there as much as I can, so really I guess I'm as guilty as the rest.

If we genealogists don't make the effort to go there and use the facilities avaialble then we have no excuse for complaining when someone says, "hey, no one is using the building, lets shut it down"...  something about that old saying, Use it or loose it? 

Think about it!


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

I've started to write about my local resources and repositories on my blog. Perhaps you can have a series of blog posts that do the same and remind readers of all the wonderful genealogy treasures in your library. Just a thought.

PalmsRV said...

Looking forward to researching in the Library of Michigan in the summer.


Jen said...

Many libraries/archives in IL have closed on Saturday now. It stinks for those of us who can only get there on a Saturday unless we totally rearrange life to go during the week. I have to wonder if they closed one week day and were open on Saturday if the traffic would increase? I am guilty of not visiting our state archives and library more but I live three hours away so it isn't easy.

Karen said...

I really like that idea. I'll have to do a bit of homework to see if I have enough on the local libraries to do that!
Thanks for your suggestion! I ALWAYS appreciate suggestions & comments, keeps me on my toes!
Happy Researching!