15 April 2011

Frustration Friday - Ancestry

I don't make many new year resolutions - I have one or two and I've been working really hard at trying to keep the few I made. 

One of the resolutions I made was to try and be more positive.  For some stupid reason I tend to lean towards thinking the worst. My inspiration for this is my friend Diane.  Seriously, she is the MOST positive person I know.  She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, always sees the positive in just about everything.  I really admire her for that. 

So when I get frustrated and want to just really blast something or someone I try to stop and think like I think she would.  And I must admit with the exception of once or twice that really is working (Thanks Diane!). 

One case where it doesn't seem to work is this week with Ancestry.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong?  But It frustrates the heck out of me when I say I want this person in this place on a census and the first entries that show up have nothing to do with what I asked for, or maybe I'm looking for a marriage in one of the marriage data bases and I say it took place in 1847...  and it gives me marriages for 1965.  The urge to slip back into the negativity really grabs me. 

I know alot of people blast Ancestry for alot of things, but really where would we be without them?  This is that positive spin thing - I'm thinking of all the great databases that they provide and how difficult it would be to even surf those databases if it weren't for Ancestry. 

See, I am working on it! 

Happy Researching!


TennLady said...

You and I have been complaining about this for ages. Too bad they aren't concerned with customer service.

Anonymous said...

I am there with you both. Ever tried to use the search feature in the census and make is search Maryland? How about having any responses that you are looking for within Maryland?? I can't get it to search only Maryland when I type in names, ages, or localities. It just doesn't work.

the price we pay for research, oh well.


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

You are not alone! I feel your pain.

Diane said...

Why thank you Karen. It took me a while to read your post but it was worth it to see such glowing words about myself. I'm awed. I do have my days but being negative makes everything worse not better. At least that's my opinion. Ancestry as well as other sites, frustrate me at times too but where would we be without them? I certainly would not have broken down one of my very oldest brick walls last months if not for data on Ancestry.com.

I too get frustrated when I search for a surname such as Weeks and my search results includes every time the word is used not just if it's used as a name. If you think about it how can a search engine tell the difference? And that isn't just on Ancestry. Good point to talk about Karen, being positive. Kudos to you.