04 May 2011

Have YOU Done YOUR Census Homework?

Did you ever take a minute to look at my sidebar?  You know - that little side strip that runs down the right side of my blog?  Did you notice the blue box at the top - the census countdown?

The top thing listed there is the countdown to the 1940 census.  I was doing some work on the blog a few days ago and I noticed that the countdown was right at a year (keep in mind most of my blogs are done a few days or so before you see them!).  I was shocked!

I still have people to find on the 1930 census!   Wasn't it just yesterday that all the genealogists got all excited about the 1930 coming out and here we are already about to have another census year to dig thru & ponder?

In my genealogy talks I tell people to make sure they do their census homework.  Track their ancestors on all available census,  follow them across the township, the county, the state or the country, but be sure you track those census.  I've still got a few that just refuse to be found. 

I'm not sure I'm ready for the 1940.  Do you think I could use that old excuse about the dog eating my homework??

What's YOUR excuse for not being ready for the 1940??

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