11 May 2011

To Play Or Not To Play

I've gotten two of my four trips done, I've made my lists, checked them twice, the trips are done, now on to the input.  Two more to finish the prep for.  But, I've got a problem.

Being a die hard researcher, I love nothing more than digging around in new resources - especially anything having to do with the civil war!  I mean, how can you NOT want to go play in a new database or two (or five or six or ten)?  What kid doesn't love a new playground?

With the introduction of multiple new databases over at FamilySearch I'm finding it really difficult to stay on track with my trip planning.  Its like going to a buffet and trying to decide what to eat first!

What's a girl to do...  think I'm taking a day off planning and I'm going to go play over at FamilySearch . 

Happy Researching!

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TennLady said...

Must stay focused!