24 June 2011

Really Family Search?

I absolutely hate it when I have a problem with a website and each time I call they have a different line or story to tell.... 

Ohio Deaths 1908-1953 over at Family Search, use it ALOT, I mean like daily.  Started to have issues a week ago this past Tuesday.  Called them.  Response was clean out your history, Cache etc etc.  Done.  Nothing changed.  Note that I can still see certificates for any other locale on site just not Ohio.  Figures eh?

Figured something was up, so I called back on Thursday.  Okay, we start off with the lady who answers the phone telling me to clean the history, cache etc etc.  I replied that had already been done, didn't solve issue.  Transfers call.  Now we are saying there is a "random" issue and that they are working on it, but don't really know what is causing it.  But it should be better soon.

Fast foward, its now Thursday 9 days later,  still no images on Ohio Deaths, so I make another call.  Lady who answers is really helpful with questions like...

-- Why do you need them, are you researching in Ohio?
-- Are you looking for more than one or two certificates?

And of course telling me to clean my cache etc etc..  Funny when she transferred me the person who took my call didn't even know about the random issue that I was told about on Thursday. 

I just sighed and hung up.  Really FamilySearch, can't you get it together and resolve this?  Or at least let your staff in on what's happening?  I mean really.....

Happy Researching!


Becky said...

I hate to tell you this, but I've accessed the Ohio Death Records at FamilySearch many times in the past two weeks. In fact, just a few minutes ago. I haven't had any problems viewing the images.

Karen said...

Becky, I'm using them now, but with no images. The second lady I talked to who told me there was a RANDOM image issue, said they can't figure out how or why it affects some and not others. No settings have changed on my computers or anything. They say they are working on it. I'd love to see the images, BUT at least I can get most of the pertinant info, I'd just like the cause of death too!

I keep watching your blog for mention of any of my surnames, I have quite a few lines in northern Indiana as well.

Thanks for commenting.

TennLady said...

Welcome to my world with Family Search. There's always Akron-Summit County Library.