15 July 2011

Fearless Friday

I love the thrill of the hunt.  Seriously, I love chasing names & dates and places.  Researching is my "thing".  I get great satisfaction out of hunting and digging for information on my ancestors. 

But, after the dust settles, after the suitcases & briefcases are unpacked, after the laundry is done and put away,  no more hotels, no more libraries...  you know, its just you and ALL that material you gathered.  All the papers.  The stacks of obits, the maps, the headstone photo's.

It's been a rather busy week, I've not really had time to start the data entry on all the stuff I pulled on last weeks trip.  So I walk into my office this morning and suddenly the piles of papers are there.... sitting... waiting...  waiting for me to get some time to sit down and really digest what all I found and what is to be done with it all.

Finally the busy week has ceased being busy, I've got an entire weekend to see what I can accomplish with all these piles of papers.  Now if Mr. Brown Eyes doesn't come up with something to do this weekend maybe, just maybe I can make real headway on this desk and all those stacks. 

Time to put on the big girl britches and just be fearless... dive right in.  After all it is fearless Friday right??

Happy Researching!

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