22 August 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Everyone is all ready to go, proclaiming the word, sharing the word, telling everyone they know!  What you ask?  Why the fact that Ancestry is going to share the 1940 census for a almost a year with the entire world!

Great! Awesome! Wonderful!  Or so you say!  Okay, so all of you are ready, you've already demonstrated that with the way this news has spread like wildfire.

My question is, "Is Ancestry ready?"  I mean seriously.  Every time Ancestry offers a freebie weekend those of us who pay for our subscriptions end up either seriously slow or getting messages to try again later.  I personally usually end up with a slower response when I am browsing in search of something.

Okay, when its a weekend of freebie,  I can avoid it, find other things to do.  But really Ancestry, a year of freebie?  Are you really ready for the amount of hits that your website is going to take?  Are you ready to listen to the subscribers who have issues with the site because of the increase traffic? 

Sure hope they have quite a few customer service reps on duty to take the calls of the subscribers who get caught up in this!  As for me...  maybe I'll just spend more time out in the gardens.  No traffic tie ups out there unless its at the bird feeder.

Happy Researching!

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Jim said...

What a great article. Coulnd't agree more --- maybe we should go work for Ancestry for that year -- we could do Customer Service Calls -- because you know what their pat response will be!

Need help in the garden?