19 August 2011

You Just Never Know ...

Last weekend I traveled to Ft Wayne to research for the day (Saturday).  It was a great day researching as usual.  I never seem to be at a loss for things to search for there.  Last week Mr. Brown eyes and I worked totally in Indiana records.  We both have lines that migrated into Indiana at some point.  Mainly mine in the northern part around Elkhart, LaGrange and others nearby, his in the mostly southernly part namely Putnam County.  That said both lines all had people who wandered over into other counties.   It was a great day for researching!

I had gotten an email from one of my Facebook friends, David Blackford who has ties to my Kreitzer line with his Trissel family.  David and his friend, Jim Cox, who is co-founder of a great group, Cemetery Seekers, met up with us and we had dinner.  Be sure to check out Jim's website, I'm sure he'd love hearing from you as well.

It's always great fun to make new friends, but it makes things much more interesting when you find out that your new friends are actually related!  Jim & I had a great chat about his Indiana cemetery & volunteer work.  While chatting we find that we share a few common relatives.  We enjoyed some awesome mexican food at a new place they introduced us to, we talked genealogy for much longer than we should have, and had tons of great laughs.  I must say I'm looking forward to another trip just so I can hang out with these two great guys again! 

Can't let last weeks trip to Ft Wayne pass without mentioning that our good friend Bev Petty drove to Indiana from Utah via Colorado & the Dakota's to research with us!  It was so good seeing Bev again.  A great friend indeed.

So you just never know what will happen when you take some time and go researching!  Sometimes you get much more than you bargained for!

Happy Researching!

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