24 October 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Will of Richard Ligon (1815)

The following images are not what I would call great. They weren't good when I got them, and no matter what,  they are what they are. The will is that of Richard Ligon, son of Richard Ligon and his wife, Olive Jeter. He married Fanny McGehee, daughter of Abram McGehee in Prince Edward County, Virginia on July 26, 1809. Together Richard & Fanny were the parents of one son, Green Ligon.

Richard's will is signed 19 Mar 1815 in Wake County, North Carolina and is proven in court November session of 1815.

All wills, deeds etc on this blog are presented with no corrections in punctuation, grammar or spelling. Remember that clicking on the image will open in a new window. Using your browsers back button will return you here.

      Know all men by these presents that I Richard Ligan being of great bodily pain but of sound mind and judgement do make this my last will and testament and request that Mayor Joshua Tugg Major John T.C. Wiatt and Lewis Muse administor and see that my wordly affects are disposed of in the following manner Viz To my loving wife Fanny Ligon I give and bequeathe during her natural life and after her death to my son Green the following property two negroes named Cate and Tempy and one half of all my perrishable property and one half of the lot on which I now live and after her death to my son Green and his heirs forever also the following property Viz three negroes, Isham, Patsey and Benton and all of my remaining worldly property to my son Green Ligon.
     I do request that in case my wife should marry and move out of the state that the negroes which I give to her be hired out and that she recive the hire of the two above mentioned negroes Cate and Tempy. I do futher request that my son Green may have a good english education and be put out to learn good trade which I leave partly to my son and charge my executor or executors to take the same care of him that they do of their own given under my hand and seal this 19th March 1815.
Richard X Ligon

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