27 October 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Nana's Tiny Tea Cup

This tiny tea cup & saucer belonged to Mr. Brown Eye's grandmother.  We received it when she passed away several years ago.  The tea cup itself is about 1 3/4 inches tall and holds 2 1/2 Tablespoons of liquid.   The cup has a tiny chip in the rim but other wise is in perfect condition.  There are several other "sets" of this sort in the mini collection. 


Wendy said...

Don't you just love the square cup? I sure do.

Lori said...

So cute! I wonder if it was used for tea or just for decoration?

Karen said...

Lori, I don't recall her ever saying she actually used them. Wendy, I'll have another one probably next week and its totally different. So check back! Thanks to both of you for visiting GFOM! I love comments!.