04 November 2011

Frustration Friday - The Search For Francis Ligon

Sometimes I just wonder why I bother!  I pay to use Ancestry, as if paying isn't enough, they don't even listen when you "talk" to them.

Example - Searching for someone on a census, the other day it was Francis Ligon.  I had found this clipping regarding the death of Francis Ligon. 

Some South Carolina County Records, Vol. 2, Pg. 268 -
"Letter from Z. S. Pension Agency, Knoxville, Tenn. Letterhead: J.M.Stewart, Clerk of Court, Pickens Co., South Carolina. Dated: Jany 24, 1891. WM. Rule, U.S. Pension Agt., Sir: I write to inform you of the death of Mrs. Francis Ligon. She died 19th of this month. I am a son-in-law of hers and she made my housoe her home and died there. Will you please be so kind as to furnish me blanks sufficient to draw the Balance on this quarter. Also blanks to be filled defraying burial expences, nursing and etc. I bought up all claims in said estate. Very truly, J.H.G.McDaniel." Another page: I, J.M. Stewart, Clerk of Court for Pickens Co., SC. hereby certify that I am personally acquainted with J.H.G. McDaniel and know the statements contained in his letter to be true. J.M. Stewart, C.C.P. Form letter from Pension Agency." Apparently, pensioner was a widow of a soldier of the war of 1812. (typed in entirety as found in source)
I went to the US Federal census hoping to find Francis in 1880.  Regardless of the parameters I gave the search feature it would not locate Francis.  I asked for White female in South Carolina.  It gave me black males.  After a few searches I finally found her but I must say I worked for every letter in her census entry.  It was so frustrating.  What good is it to have the ability to search with the parameters if they don't work? 
Turns out Francis is the widow of John Townes Ligon who died 29 JUN 1857 in Greenville, South Carolina.
I know that Ancestry was having problems earlier this week, but this seems to be an ongoing thing.  I'm just saying...

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