30 January 2012

Monday Madness - Never A Dull Moment

A few weeks ago when I was in Ft Wayne at the library I discovered a new Ligon book had come out.  I found several lines in it that tied into Mark's Ligon line.  Using my Flip Pal Scanner I quickly scanned the pages.  This past week I was working to document what I had found and add additional information to what was given. 
The persons who contributed the information provided only minimal information so there was quite a bit to find.  One of the persons that we were working to document was a Henry Clay McConnell.  Actually a father & son bearing the same name.  (Now there's something new eh? NOT!)
In our attempts to add more information and documentation I turned to GenealogyBank.  I usually have great luck working in GB - find quite a bit in the old newspapers.  I put in the names and came up with quite a few hits.  I was actually quite surprised at the number of hits that came up.   I went thru them reading them all one by one.  Printed them off and gave them to Mr. Brown Eyes...  everything fit until he got to Henry Clay Jr.,  the birth announcement for his newborn daughter stated that she was named after her father's mother and then gave the mother's name.  A totally different name than what we came up with. 
A few minutes later a census check verified what we were thinking - there were actually TWO sets of Henry Clay McConnell's in Kentucky at the same time.  One in Woodford County and the other in another part of the state.  Madness!  At least we caught it before we entered it all in our files. 
One of the reasons I love genealogy...  Never a dull moment! 
Happy Researching!

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Devon Lee said...

Good catch and yet oh so frustrating. Thanks for the motivation.