05 January 2012

Thursday Tricks & Tips

I've decided its time to start a new Thursday topic.  I've been pondering this addition for a while.   So every Thursday will be a trick or tip that will help you in some aspect of your research. 

Today's tip - When doing census research use the "strangest" name of any given family for your search.  I find that using the most uncommon name helps a bit with locating families.  Hopefully there will be fewer of those more uncommon names in your search.  In my husband's tree, I've been searching for uncommon names such as - Pryor (Prior) Breeding and Fanny (Fannie) Rash.

And yes, those are actual names in his family tree.  Strange but true!

Do you have tips or tricks you'd like me to share with other readers?  Just send them to me at karen at miprofgenie dot com - leaving out the spaces of course, or leave them in my comments section!

Happy Researching!


Kathryn Smith Lockhard said...

I think this is a great idea. I've already posted an article.

Anonymous said...

Too much Prior Breeding can cause a Fannie Rash! LOL Sorry.

Tell Mr. Brown Eyes I said hi. Dwane