13 February 2012

Monday Musings

Been working to continue the transistion back into my "office" upstairs.  Things are progressing quite well.

Spent Saturday at the Allen County Public library in Ft Wayne, Indiana. A fabulous library if you are unable to get to the area where your ancestors lived, this library may be the answer for you.  I spent Saturday mostly working in the records of Anderson County, South Carolina where a line of the Ligon's went.  The library had an outstanding collection of South Carolina books, including deeds, wills & cemetery books among others.  Anderson County had enough to pretty much keep me busy for the entire day.

I'm planning a trip back in a few weeks and hope to devote this next trip entirely to their "microtext" collection of microfilms on early Virginia records and more.  Will be productive I'm sure!

It was a successful trip, I found quite a bit that I did not have and confirmed some things that I had gotten from other sources. 

I finally got my external hard drive hooked back up late yesterday,  so today I'll be backing up the photo file.  It takes several hours to back it up because of its size, but its something I've been wanting to get done for the past week or so.  Today seems as good as any. 

It snowed this past weekend, so the view out my office (from my desk) is pretty, with the tree's and all the snow.  The circle drive is cleared so I don't have to worry about it getting shoveled.  What's on your genealogy schedule today?

Enjoy your day & happy researching!

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