27 February 2012

Monday Musings

After working for quite some time I finally got my desk totally cleaned off.  Every piece of paper was either filed, typed, scanned or put in the recycling bin, all folders gone thru and put away... it was even clean enough that I was able to wipe everything down. Even though one part of my desk was downstairs for the past few months there were still two entire sections that remained up here in the office, which became a catch all.   No more, its all nice & clean!

I now have a designated flash or "thumb" drive as some call them, with all the items that I found that I need to process.  Not a major project, its mostly obits and small stuff that just needs attention.  Much easier to deal with now that its not lost in a sea of papers on my desk.  I've also got another drive that I've got all photo's on that still need to be named & linked from some cemeteries we visited last fall.  

With the release of the 1940 census looming on the horizon I've also been trying to locate all the census I'm missing on my direct line.  There are a few that I doubt I'll ever find, but I seem to go back at least once a year and try some new trick to locate them.  Eventually I do find most of them, some I just think they were skipped, some intentionally decided not to answer the door when the census taker came,  and others just missed the boat intentionally.

Something new on the plate is a possible trip to Belgium with a side trip to Germany.  With both our trees having strong German roots,  its a research opportunity I can't resist.  So I've been making some notes, doing a little research into what sort of research could be done and where.  We'll have to see how this works out.  Nothing concrete for now.  Mr. Brown eyes will probably go for six weeks, it is unclear if I will be able to join him or not.  Stay tuned on that one!

Today I'm hoping to work on some census stuff for my Presley line that was in North Carolina and Georgia.  Over the weekend, I had a major find on my Powell line,  and I am working on documenting that.  If the line pans out as I am hoping (and so far has),  it will take my Powell line back five generations.  Very nice of the person I found to share his documentation and some great photo's.  As usual I'm out locating my own documentation!   Besides that its the normal Monday stuff - Laundry and a bit of housework, the oldest grandson has no school so he'll be over today as well.

How about you?  What are you working on?  What's on tap for you today?

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Happy Researching!

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Cheryl Cayemberg said...


I'd love for you to come by and fix my office! :)

I really do need to get in there this week and do just that. I did several months ago and then it became a collection point for papers (and everything else) again. Thank you for inspiring me!