09 February 2012

Tricks & Tips Thursday - Avoiding Repetition

One of the things that I absolutely hate when I am researching is to pull a resource - a book, a microfilm or anything else to search for a specific item and find that I have already looked for that item in that resource before.  This is particulary true for newspapers. 

In order not to waste my time searching a second time for items this is what I have started doing.  Instead of deleting the to-do item off my to-do list I simply mark it closed, leave it on the list and make notes as to what papers I have searched and the dates that I covered. 

The next time I go to add that item to my to-do list I can clearly see that the item has been attempted and I move on to either a new resource to check or go on to other things. 

Sure saves on the duplication and gives me time to search for new things!

Problem solved!

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