23 March 2012

A Letter From Home (1859)

Farmersville, Montgomery County, Ohio 1859 January the 14 we are all well at present I will now inform you that your father Died he died the 11th of January and was beried the 13 he was complaining all the Time that he was in but the three last Days he was very sick but it was not escpested by eny one that he would Die yet he died in the evening at nine O clock he was beried in the farmersville Grave yard and his funeral expenses are About twenty or twenty five dollars and We want you to come in and see it fixed As soon as you can and i suppose that There is money enough with that lawyer To pay for it and i want you to see to It immediately and so no more at present.
    Abram Boomershine

to Henry and George Boomershine

[Letter typed exactly as written.]

  Abram who also went by Abraham Boomershine was the son of Henry Boomershine (1789-1859).  He was writing to his brothers, Henry (1821-1881) and George (1824-1875).  The only sister, Christina had died in 1851.  Henry & George were both living in Darke County at the time. 

The father who had died was Henry Boomershine, son of the original Henry Boomershine.  He had been married twice, the first time, 16 March 1817 to a widow, Mary Stoner, relict of Jacob Stoner.  The second time, 20 OCT 1857 was to a Lavina Boston.  Nothing is really known about her.  She was quite a bit younger than Henry.

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