28 March 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Ansley & Hale

                                          Ansley -  Hale

   Quiet, but lovely in its simplicity, was the wedding on Tuesday evening of Miss Laura Ansley and Charles N. Hale occurring at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ansley on Church Street, Americus.   Gorgeous sweet peas used in masses of the different colors to decorate the house, were arranged in vases and bowls, placed on the mantels, taborets, tables and cabinets.  Only the immediate relatives of the bride and a few close friends of the groom were present at the wedding.  The guests were invited for 10 o'clock, and at that hour the marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. J.A. Thomas, of the First Methodist church.   The bride, a most attractive girl, was lovely in a suit of green ribbed cloth, with which she wore a waist of green brocade, frilled at the neck and sleeves, with ecru chiffon.  Her hat of tete-de-negre straw was trimmed with tan ostrich tips and a band of dull gold and green brocade.  Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Hale left for Spring Valley, Va., the home of Mr. Hale's family, where they will spend the summer months.  On their way they will stop in Atlanta, Chattanooga and Knoxville for short visits.

** Macon Telegraph, 17 MAY 1914, Sec. 1, Pg. 3 (via Genealogybank)

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